This is how we’re helping to develop the Netherlands

With our expertise and our network we want to play a meaningful role in helping everyone in the Netherlands move forward in this digital world and to connect them to a sustainable future. That’s why we are continually working on improving our network – a network of people and of technology solutions. This enables us to facilitate modern ways of working, education and healthcare, in a secure manner. We believe that connection brings people closer together and develops them. We achieve this by making a valuable contribution in terms of the following themes:


Frequently invisible, always indispensable

It may not always be visible, but the KPN network can be found everywhere, all the time. With our infrastructure, we keep the Netherlands connected every single day. To ensure a futureproof network, we are working hard to roll out KPN fiber on a large scale so that we can remain one of the world’s best-connected countries. Once again, data traffic on the fixed KPN network grew sharply.

One record after another was set last year thanks to home working, TV and streaming traffic. Our mobile network was yet again best in test in the Netherlands, with the fastest 5G. Investing heavily in bringing our mobile network fully up to date creates more capacity and greater coverage. The fast, stable 5G network will soon be available throughout the Netherlands. The strength of these networks offers new opportunities for economic growth and digital options in many fields.

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Thema Netwerk 2


Worry-free online

A connected society has enormous benefits but is also vulnerable. When digital systems do not work properly, the consequences are huge. For that reason, hundreds of KPN experts monitor our networks the whole year round, every moment of the day. We are spending more and more time in the online world, so how we as a community deal with personal data is becoming increasingly important

As a “transporter” of large volumes of data, this is a subject that concerns us on a daily basis. We therefore developed the identification app PIM (Personal Identity Manager): the new way of signing up, logging in and making payments, securely and in a transparent manner. As an important step in the battle against identity fraud we stopped selling eHerkenning keys with security level 2 (EH2) and are now offering products only with multifactor authentication (MFA).

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Smart solutions for everyone

KPN’s solutions help the Netherlands progress. By working more efficiently, for example, or by consuming less energy or making our digital infrastructure more secure. Every day, we are looking at new ways our technology can benefit the social themes of today and tomorrow. We are now starting to use XGS-PON technology on our fiber network. As a result, it will soon be possible to achieve much higher speeds than with the GPON technology currently in use.

This is how the KPN network is being made ready for the future. In cooperation with the KNRM and TNO we are testing drones to detect drowning people. Thanks to 5G connectivity, the unmanned aircraft acts as an extra pair of eyes in rescue operations, thereby increasing the chance of success. Drones could also be used for surveillance on the water.

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Every day a little greener

For many years, KPN has been working towards a sustainable future. As one of the world’s most sustainable telecom companies we set ourselves far-reaching goals. We are continually looking at how we can use less – or reuse – energy and raw materials. Wherever possible we make a positive contribution to nature. Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. For instance, we have been using exclusively green power since 2011, we have been climate neutral since 2015 and we aim to be virtually circular by 2025.

We were already on track to reduce emissions in the chain by 50% by 2040. This ambition has now been scaled up to zero net emissions in the chain by 2040. This relates to, for example, improving the energy settings of TV receivers, more sustainable transport of products and equipment by our suppliers, and using less material in the production of equipment for our customers. In 2022 we will be continuing paving the way to sustainable growth.

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At the heart of society

Connecting people with one another

Nothing is more important than social contact. That’s why we are focusing on social initiatives, in sports, art and culture for example, that connect people in the Netherlands with one another. We pay extra attention to groups in society for whom social contact is not always self-evident. The Oranje Fonds and the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds have combined forces to tackle loneliness along with 20 social entrepreneurs. They are using the power of technology to get people in contact with one another.

In the domain of sport, we have developed in partnership with the KNVB an official KPN E_Room, which is going to serve as the innovative home base of E_Oranje. It goes without saying that the room has the fastest and most stable 5G and fiber connections, enabling the team to provide top performance in the future in the digital FIFA landscape.

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