Value creation model

Delivering value on the short and long term

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We are the nucleus of our customers’ connected life. With our customary passion, we offer secure, reliable and futureproof networks and services, enabling people to be connected with one another anywhere, anytime and at the same time creating a more prosperous and cleaner world.

To properly understand the ways in which we impact society, we have visualized the value we create for our stakeholders as well as our impact on society, using the six capitals model of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

Our valuable assets
The assets we work with

We have extracted the business resources that have the greatest value for our business model and that contribute to the performance of our core activities.

Customers 2
Loyal customers
Partnerships 2
Strong partnerships and supplier base
Networks 2
Future-proof infrastructure and mobile spectrum
Workforce 2
Skilled and motivated workforce
Financia Basis 2
Solid financial basis
Green Energy 2
Climate neutral

Business model
'We go all out to connect everyone in the Netherlands to a sustainable future'

Our ambition

To make the Netherlands the most connected country in the world and to become customers’ preferred partner in digital life

Strategic themes

  • Leverage and expand superior network
  • Grow and strengthen customer footprint
  • Simplify and streamline operating model

Safeguarding value

  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk and control

Our performance

Infrastructure 2
Network infrastructure
Products and services 2
Flexible, simple and converged products and services
Innovation and digitalization 2
Focused innovation and digitalization
Privacy and security 2
Safeguarded privacy and security
Employability 2
Sustainable employability
Environmental Performance 2
Environmental performance and responsible supply chain

We create value for our customers, shareholders and employees, and we impact Dutch society as a whole.

Impact in the Netherlands

Industry innovation and infrastructure
Secure future-proof connectivity
Sustainable cities and communities
Social and digital inclusion
Response consumption and production
Environmental impact

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